Friday, July 14, 2006

The Christianists of Rapture Ready

Jesus would certainly not be a Democrat, nor even a Republican, although the Rapture Ready crowd certainly favors the GOP. Here's the scariest portion:

... Even within a republican form of democratic government, such as America's, majority input is supposed to serve as society's guiding principles. With 90 million claiming to be evangelical believers, those Christians have a constitutional right and a moral responsibility to demand that Christian values be reflected in American society.

Tragically, rather than exerting stronger influence on culture, evangelical Christianity seems to be losing the battle in producing godly results within the American political process. This is due primarily to many federal judges of this nation being allowed to legislate from the benches of the courts they have given over to the humanists.

Thankfully, one day, when Christ reigns and rules on earth, the humanistic form of governance will be a long-past memory. ...

.... Because we all will have to give an account of our lives, it is very important to realize the choices we make in the privacy of a voting booth will someday need to be defended before the open throne of God.

All end-time minded Christians should know that at some point freedom and liberty will be surrendered to a global government.

The Bible tells us the God of this world is the devil. The influence of Satan is the reason 90 percent of the press and Hollywood elite are liberals who vote exclusively for the Democratic Party. The one-minded eagerness of the left to influence the electoral process should act as a warning sign to the conservative base of this nation.

You can be a perfectionist and find a hundred things wrong with the Republicans. It is serious error to try compare a floundering friend to a deadly enemy.

Human government never will be able to solve the world's problems. There never will be true peace until the Prince of Peace establishes His Millennial Kingdom. That understood, until the Lord Jesus comes for His Church in the rapture -- presuming both major political parties in America continue to hold to their present party lines -- it is the view of Rapture Ready that Republican values are America's best political option.

I noted some of these folks are orgasmic about Israel and Hezbollah squaring off on various message board posts at Rapture Ready. These people seems totally whacked to me and yet I know some polls suggest something like over half of Americans think Jesus will come back soon. I expect down here in the Heart of Dixie in the Bible Belt the numbers are even scarier. Peace ... or War!