Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bu$hCo's first veto may be on stem cell research

Laura Bu$h taking a break from smoking on the campaign trail perhaps?

Karl Rove is telling a Denver paper that Dubyah will veto the stem cell legislation poised to pass Congress.

The package will increase funding and apparently remove the "existing lines" straddle that Bu$hCo used back when their right wing base wasn't so critical.

Here's my favorite from divide and conquer Karl:

He said research shows “we have far more promise from adult stem cells than from embryonic stem cells.”
Having Karl Rove cite research is sort of like Laura Bu$h formulating educational policy. Dead wrong on that one Karl as research concludes just the opposite. You guys deny climate change based on bogus research but I'm not sure you've even got any pseudo-think tank deep lobbying stuff to fall back on here.

Micheal Kinsley (yes I'm do a rare link to Slate) summed up Bu$hCo's stem cell position way back in 2003.

If he's got both his facts and his logic wrong—and he has—Bush's alleged moral anguish on this subject is unimpressive. In fact, it is insulting to the people (including me) whose lives could be saved or redeemed by the medical breakthroughs Bush's stem-cell policy is preventing.

This is not a policy disagreement. Or rather, it is not only a policy disagreement. If the president is not a complete moron—and he probably is not—he is a hardened cynic, staging moral anguish he does not feel, pandering to people he cannot possibly agree with, and sacrificing the future of many American citizens for short-term political advantage.

Is that a good enough reason to dislike him personally?

There are plenty of good reasons to dislike this President. I'm a Bu$h hater for his policies and posturing. It is hard to not loathe him as a person. Peace ... or War!