Sunday, July 09, 2006

WaPo Editorial Board on NY Gay Marriage Ruling

The WaPo seems correct, or at least close enough, in their "'Gettysburg' for Gay Marriage? : The decision by a New York court changes little." editorial from today's paper. Here is what I wanted to share:

... the most a state court can do is change the legal baseline. State laws, and even state constitutions, are generally easy enough to change that courts cannot force same-sex marriage on an unwilling populace. The fight for marriage equality in New York will simply move to the legislative arena.

So the task for Americans who support same-sex marriage, as we do, has not changed. It is to convince a majority that couples who love each ought to have the state's recognition for lifelong relationships -- and that such recognition poses no threat to heterosexual marriage. Once that happens, it won't matter what the New York court thinks.

I will add that I think the court's decision is a bit Gettysburgish plus I want to stress that courts are simply required to follow the law. I also thought of how courts had (have?) to force the South to do certain things related to Civil Rights when the majority of the electorate was hardly a willing populace. However, I do think the wise policy is to focus on changing minds and hearts. I don't however think that means you abandon the fight in the courts. Here in the Bible Belt I also think settling for "Civil Union" recognition might be the wise strategy. Peace ... or War!