Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Family Activist" Defends Ozzie Guillen "Fag" Slur

Bob Cook via MSNBC suggests "Guillen must learn any slur unacceptable : MLB sends a message, hopefully it will get through" yet "family activist" Pete LaBarbera weighs in via Jim Brown's Agape Press reporting another view with "Baseball Strikes Out in Reacting to Guillen's Comment, Says Family Activist". To have this wing nut defending Guillen, described by Mr. Cook as " ... Guillen launching enough f-bombs to require United Nations consideration of authorizing an anti-profanity peacekeeping force." seems like rather a stretch, as does The Illinois Family Institute. I understand Ozzie has a history in this type of slur and yet his actions are hardly worth a statement by Mr. LaBarbera. Peace ... or War!