Sunday, June 18, 2006

Women Deserve Better from Alabama Legislature

Cheryl Sabel, acting president of the Montgomery chapter of the National Organization for Women, appears in The Montgomery Advertiser with an op-ed entitled "ALABAMA VOICES: Bill pushes women into second-class citizenship" tackling the proposed abortion ban that Fundamentalists tried to get through the Alabama legislature this year. Ms. Sabel builds off figures that suggest that 80% of all rapes go unreported and the certain fact that 100% of rapes undoubtedly makes women victims. Wing nut Hank Erwin, who credited New Orleans' sins for attracting Katrina's wrath, plus John Giles of the radical Alabama Christian Coalition, and finally Rev./Dr. Dan Ireland were quoted. Ms. Sabel closes with
A society that does not respect and value its women and preaches the Dark Ages mentality of women being subservient, powerless and unequal is doomed. Women are one-half of humanity. We must unite and stand shoulder to shoulder, demanding justice for girls and women, and rejecting that Dark Ages mandate that women must "submit" to men, which continues to be used to attempt to make us second-class citizens, rather than equal partners in our society. There can be no compromise.
Dark Ages mentality indeed and submit my ass. I want a partner not property. We can make abortion safe, legal, and very rare. The best way to create a culture of life is with economic policies and good health care and access to contraceptives and education and ... but these fundamentalist seem to always focus on taking away a woman's right to control her own body. I'll show that I value women by hoping we'll provide the newly approved HPV vaccines for girls and young women should the costs, I think around several hundred dollars a person, be too much. I've claimed it before and I'll claim it again by offering "If men could get pregnant then abortion on demand would be the law of the land." Well done! Peace ... or War!