Sunday, June 11, 2006

OUR Daily Bread, Crazy Ann Coulter, and Christian Nationalism

Knocked off my alleged high horse perhaps, as I'm sure my "enlightened" family might prefer to think I'm on, or maybe just tired, I've admittedly been slack this weekend. Reading lots as I take a break from being out in the heat and humidity and dust (damn it is dry in the highlands!) so I've got material. Let's start with Bill Moyers' "Pass the Bread" which is the Baccalaureate Address he delivered at Hamilton College, Clinton, New York back on May 20th. Common Dreams serves this up as one of the most emailed stories. I read some time back yet it loved the part about about "Give US OUR daily bread" in the Lord's Prayer.

And then Common Dreams provides ink and space (or maybe just bytes and bandwidth?) for Tony Norman's "If Ann Coulter's a Christian, I'll Be Damned". I'm with you Tony! She's hardly disowned by today's ReThuglicans as she's feeding their often radical and ignorant base. Her ideas about "liberalism" as ignorant indeed yet I'd rather be in that church than the one that hasn't tossed her out on her narrow ass.

Finally, I think at least somewhat related to the above, I finished Michelle Goldberg's "Kingdom Coming : The Rise of Christian Nationalism" this weekend. Very fine work and yet much of what she writes on I fear will continue to hardly get any coverage from the mainstream media. That we are in this place as a nation today where radicalism seems the norm says much.

I'll try to get back in gear this next week. Comments, encouragement, corrections, links ... are always appreciated. Peace ... or War!