Thursday, June 08, 2006

Purpose Driven Jihad? They Can Kiss My Behind!

American Taliban? I'm still reeling over this discovery. Since I've been slack lately with the Alabama primary (my girls won!) and some family issues I've been out of the loop. With a tip of the tam to Crooks and Liars, here's the first link from Jonathan Hutson at Talk to Action entitled The Purpose Driven Life Takers (Part 1). Here's the "trailer" from"Eternal Forces" as provided by Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action. Violent Video Game Marketed Through Mega-Churches (Part 2) comes in via Jonathan and finally Revelation and Resignation (Part 3) reporting the resignation of Mark Carver as Executive Director for Purpose Driven Church, apparently one of the "brains" behind this outrage. LaHaye's Left Behind Games will likely scoop up this "talent". Peace ... or War!