Sunday, May 21, 2006

TVC's Louis Sheldon Courts ATL Kingdom Builders

A wingnut site of note that I thought I'd share today is the Traditional Values Coalition. Executive Director Andrea Lafferty (who is the daughter of Founder Rev. Louis P. Sheldon) is rather attractive I'll admit. They'd surely appeciate a red blooded heterosexual ogling the merchandise. (I also do wonder if Dad likes to wear her heels. Would get him up to eye level perhaps?) People for the American Way gives the TVC the treatment here. With a tip of the tam to Pam at Pandagon, Reverend Sheldon is apparently heading to The ATL this next weekend to visit Kingdom Builders yet their site is not showing the events as best as I can tell. No doubt Karl and Ken need all the help they can get for this fall. Peace ... or War!