Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Rich get Richer & The Poor get ... Pregnant?

The Guttmacher Institute releases A TALE OF TWO AMERICAS FOR WOMEN -
Low-Income Women's Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion Rates are Increasing As Better-Off Women Continue Three Decades of Progress
. Here's the good stuff,
“Effective contraceptives backed up by safe and legal abortion have allowed American women to become equal partners with men in modern society and must remain an integral part of health care for all women,” says Dr. Camp. “Sadly, although abortion remains legal, a two-tiered system is already emerging in our country. Wealthier women have quick, convenient access to contraceptives and safe, early abortions, while poor women are less able to prevent pregnancies through contraception and are then forced to jump over a series of obstacles in order to obtain an abortion. This is turning back the clock on all the gains women have made in recent decades. We need to do more, not less, to give women control over their reproductive lives.”
"Family values" and "culture of life" indeed. Peace ... or War