Monday, May 01, 2006

Rush Limbaugh - Lemonade from Lemons?

While I'm nearly convinced Rush Limbaugh is Satan, John Ehinger of The Huntsville Times reminds us of the disaster that "The War on Drugs" has been in examining Limbaugh's sweetheart deal in Florida. He urges Rush Limbaugh to use his position of influence for good. That's where you've lost this one Mr. Ehinger. Limbaugh has already talked of sending drug addicts up the river. Rush Limbaugh is indeed "a big fat idiot" that shills wing nut conservatism not logic or reality. He's the chief player of the "Mighty Wurlitzer". He's selling "Club Gitmo" shirts. He lies, twists, shouts down logic, ... and smiles all the way to the bank. He and his sponsors and imitators have created a legion of dittoheads that are a modern form of brownshirts. I fear it is wishful thinking that BFI will do anything for the good of society. Peace ... or War!