Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Plan B - Meet Whacky Wingnuts at CWfA/FDA

Digby tackles FDA seemingly channeling Concerned Women for America on rejecting/delaying "Plan B" Contraceptives due to pulling a fear of "teenage sex cults" apparently from the "talking points" of this CWfA wingnut organization. Should be some exciting depositions on this disaster of the Bu$hCo administration where political goals routinely trump science. The WaPo's Marc Kaufman, along with many other mainstream media outlets, has reported on the "unusual" actions of FDA political appointments on this issue. And don't forget Alabama's DVM Lester Crawford's brief tenture at FDA and how he's landed on his feet with a plum lobbying job. Of course his wife's massive Big Pharma stock holdings would have likely keep Dr. Crawford on his feet. Peace ... or War!