Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter & Resurrection - Eyes and Mind Wide Open?

United Church of Christ Minister Madison Shockley tackles this thorny issue at TruthDig with his piece "You Mean Jesus Didn't Have a Bodily Resurrection?". Some of his writing states,

According to Burton Mack, this spiritualization of the Resurrection was in keeping with the Greek sensibilities of the Gentile Congregations of [the] Christ that were springing up in the eastern Mediterranean regions of the Roman Empire. Greek notions of immortality did not include the body. Immortality was more a matter of the mind or spirit leaving the body to experience eternal existence ...

So all you progressive Christians rest assured as we celebrate Easter, we are in good (if unexpected) company as we continue to ask questions, challenge dogma and seek to understand God not through blind obedience to tradition but with our eyes and mind wide open.

Peace ... or War!