Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Stars Fell on Alabama" or "God Bless America?"

The Alabama legislature essentially (125-1) unanimously approved giving Alabama motorists the option to choose those slogans on their tags. This makes Alabama the first state to have that available on non-specialty tags. Folks wanting one before their tag rolls around for renewal only will have to cough up $1.25 for the God Bless version.

The Christian Post reports, "Ala. Legislature Votes Unanimously for ''God Bless America'' Plates" although one representative voted against the legislation. If I've interpreted the ALISON information correctly our lone politician with a brain and some courage was Representive Joseph Mitchell. Not bad for a Lowlander from Mobile Sir! The Montgomery Advertiser also gets a salute from The Captain.

You'd have thought these pandering politicos could have found something else that needed doing on Goat Hill don't you? Peace ... or War!