Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Evil Liberals with their Blogswarms?

I'll drop here on Jimi as this is a much a part of the "culture war" as anything. Digby rolls them really fine with this post labeled "I Can't Hear You" where he tackles the right wing Wurlitzer and the so called liberal MSM and ... Indeed most of the left deals in political outrage rather than personal attacks. Ideology not personality. I think it grand that the MSM is writing about the lefty blogs. First they laugh at you, then they ... Soon!

Also, tip of the tam to Tristero in his smack down of Snitchens and his enablers such as Kenny Boy Pollack. Translating Bu$h to English is tough enough brother! Farsi could perhaps work just as well?

Further, Juan Cole has destroyed you Snitchens. Stay in the bottle or fight your way from the dark side. Smarts for certain yet you've been in the Kool Aide for too long maybe.

Time for Stewart and Colbert. Peace ... or War!