Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mandatory cervical cancer vaccine may be resisted by Dobsonites on "conflicting messages" grounds!

Tristero via Dgby's Hullabaloo gives us another installment of "The War on Fucking" where he points out the likely opposition to Merck's newly developed vaccine that targets the human papilloma virus. Virtually all cervical cancers are caused by some strain of this virus, known as HPV. It's very common among both men and women, and is transmitted by sexual contact. The ideal age for the vaccine to be administered is when a girl is between 10 and 11. Steven Groopman at TNR previously gave us "Conservative Christians and HPV - Blind Faith" that likewise covers the health policy issues in play here. Newsweek's Claudia Kalb and Karen Springen also gave us "The War on HPV - A new vaccine that prevents cervical cancer could be available soon" recently that covers the effort. Many of the religious right would apparently oppose the mandatory vaccination of young girls even though statistically and logically that is the wrong call. Like abstinence only sex education, I fear the radicals will wind up killing people in their goal to bring their "morailty" to dominate our public policy. Peace ... or War!