Wednesday, May 31, 2006

WaPo Agrees - Here's To You Mighty Wingman!

While I don't buy from Coors when possible, their Mighty Wingman commercial was an instant classic. Today, with the WaPo's Laura Sessions Stepp giving us "A Bud for The Ladies : Fly Solo, and a Guy Can Get So Shot Down. Wingman to the Rescue!" I couldn't help but send you to the video. Thank goodness she's writing in Arts and Living yet Ms. Stepp writes
... This is a generation that, in large part, dismisses the idea of courtship. Many move fast through relationships: face-booking, instant-messaging, text-messaging. ...
Am I officially old when this sort of thing bothers me? Mercy if I'd want to start over in this type of environment yet I still think there are plenty of young, smart, decent kids out there that don't use or need this sort of approach. Oh, I sure hope this reporter isn't related to Alabama's Senator Jeff Sessions. Yet, if she is I bet Session's Stormie would have been happy to have helped her out on background and perhaps even in the field. Peace ... or War!