Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Base Celebrates Stem Cell Veto with Bu$hCo

I'm watching Bu$hCo and what looks like tons of folks, including at least a couple of daycare classes it would seem given all the kids there, celebrate Dubyah's first veto, or more accurately legislation that prohibits "fetus farming". That "fetus farming" is not an issue, certainly not so here in the U.S., mattered not to those folks pushing for this legislation. Why they were there actually mattered not as they applauded when Bu$h explained his principled veto.

Linda Feldmann, of The Christian Science Monitor , seems to be the first with a report entitled "Bush makes first veto on stem cells - Democrats pledge to make stem-cell research, which a majority of the public backs, an issue in the fall elections." I'm looking forward to the transcript as I've already caught several blatant misrepresentations of science, the views of most Americans, his leadership in the past, etc.

In case you aren't aware the above image is of a stem cell, with enhancements by certain dies and photographic techniques. Peace ... or War!