Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Senator Feingold Questions DLC's Republican Lite

Senator Russ Feingold rightly called out the DLC today for their flaws and failures. Building off the Lieberman primary loss, Senator Feingold is right to question the DLC approach. We simply can't allow the radicalism to go unchallenged and our failure to confront the many failures of conservatism on steroids simply legitimizes their wrong thinking. The DLC's sole success was mainly from the skills of Team Clinton with a little help from Ross Perot.

There is plenty of good in some of their ideas but right now there is no way to work around Iraq and the culture war, especially given the way the GOP conducts scorched earth politics, that doesn't involve fighting from our side of the divide. Centrism will not create the kind of change our society needs. Peace ... or War!