Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oh Brothers! A twofer against Southern Baptists!

These are the Caner Brothers. Emir is on the left and Ergun is on the right. With both having rather promotional websites, plus a fair amount of press and publications, I'm surprised I've never stumbled across these two. Emir is the Dean of The College of Southwestern at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Ergun is the President of Liberty Theological Seminary.

Emir's bio has him apparently proud that he has been endorsed by Beth Moore (she has two main sites - LifeWay and Living Proof Ministries) and "crazy as a run over dog" Ann Coulter which reveals much. Emir even has a link to Ann Coulter! Ergun doesn't. It's scary when you figure the Falwell connected brother seems to be less radical that the Southwestern one. I'll not link to any of these dream team's books or tapes or shirts or booking processes or ... Lots of profit in this blend of Evangelicalism and Conservatism it would appear.

The reason for this post is that I ran across a Ethics Daily Post on Ergun's recent speech/sermon at Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church that motivated me to look a little further at these brothers. The reports on his church talk is revealing for Ergun's contempt for the UN and his Christian Zionism and hatred of Islam and .... Since these young men were raised in a Muslim leader's household only to later abandon their faith I'm thinking there are some serious issues floating around. They've both seemingly done well on the Evangelical's team. Of course Beth and especially that hateful lying Ann haven't done too shabby either but I think both were born and raised as WASPs.

I'll just remain a "recovering Southern Baptist" seeking love, peace, justice, reason, learning, morality, ... and maybe even just enough wealth to live comfortably. Peace ... or War!