Thursday, July 27, 2006

WorldNetDaily Welcomes Alabama's Roy Moore

God Damn! I hate to get all profane here with God's own theocrat up above my words yet news that Roy Moore is a columnist with WorldNetDaily seems like a perfect place to offer up a little cussing. This is a perfect match, in a purely heterosexual way of course. Reverend Roy's first column "Will America choose to acknowledge God? dropped just yesterday. I'll not try to address his ideas, as "A position not founded upon reason cannot be swayed by argument."

If WorldNetDaily founder Jospeh Farah will write a book with Republican California Congressman Richard Pombo I guess there's not much of stretch of this pseudo-news site to give Roy Moore a column. Note the ads appearing on WND and read some of the "reporting" for yourself. Roy's found a home! Peace ... or War!