Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, & Religious Right

Harvey Cox, Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard, got space in The Boston Globe some days back for "Old-time religion : Long before the age of Falwell and Robertson, evangelical Protestants from William Jennings Bryan to Billy Graham were anything but right-wing zealots. Today, a new generation of evangelical leaders are rediscovering their progressive roots."

This is a good primer on both the history and current situation in the Evangelical movement, at least in more urban areas, that I encourage folks to read. There's more to the story but it is a good start. I certainly thought back on my hard core Republican nephew-in-law claiming just this weekend that the Democratic Party could never reach the "faith community". I'm rather sure he's locked down on choice and same sex issues. I told him bluntly that "faith" doesn't equal "fundamentalism" yet who knows what some of the Christianists community are thinking.

Finally, a tip of the tam to Jonathan Teller at Chelsea Green's Flaming Grasshopper for the link. Peace ... or War!