Thursday, August 03, 2006

Question Us? Then you must be with Satan.

Michelle Goldberg’s writing has long been a favorite of mine. Her recent Salon work entitled “Abortion under siege in Mississippi” was a gem. Carrying out the siege is Operation Save America/Operation Rescue. They have a separate website for Mississippi 2006. That they’ve an image of somebody, looking like a lass to me, playing the pipes hardly made my day!

Burning the Koran was one highlight. Calling the little children to his “Ecclesiastical Court” for the BBQ of the sacred text of another monotheistic religion and various Supreme Court cases was another. Having these children hear “We can either kill them, be killed by them, or we can convert them to Christ.”, of course referring to those practicing Islam, was instructive. Going to the neighborhood where the gynecologist at Jackson Women's Health Organization lives and ringing doorbells so that the neighbors can be informed of the man’s profession shows their dedication.

Ms. Goldberg writes,

His attack on Islam might seem like a non sequitur, but to Benham, it made perfect sense. "Islam is the same thing as abortion and homosexuality," he said. "It's the black-colored glove covering the same fist, which is the fist of the devil." Benham had T-shirts made up, black with white lettering, proclaiming, "Homosexuality Is Sin! Islam Is a Lie! Abortion Is Murder! Some Issues Are Just Black and White!"
Lest you think that just because Operation Save American might return to Texas, all is well in Jackson perhaps for the Christianist community. Home to the only abortion clinic in the entire state, Jackson is home to several locals that are rather scary. Ms. Goldberg writes,

The most faithful is C. Roy McMillan, who sees protesting abortion as his full-time job and says he's been arrested 65 times. His wife, a former abortion provider who, after being born again, became a gynecologist who refuses to prescribe contraceptives, supports him financially. McMillan is one of 34 signatories to a 1998 statement that calls the murder of doctors who perform abortions "justifiable ... for the purpose of defending the lives of unborn children." He describes the late Paul Hill -- the murderer of gynecologist Dr. John Britton and his bodyguard, retired Air Force Lt. Col. James Herman Barrett -- as a friend.
On the Operation Save America page, at least on today’s date, I found what motivated me to label my post as I did. I’ve provided some emphasis. Portions of their splash page reads:

August 2, 2006 -When Salon and the others attack us like this, you've got to know that we're moving in the right direction because they are doing everything they can to shame us off the street. They fabricate lies; their father is the author of all lies. We must learn to despise the shame. Jesus did it! We must pick up our cross and follow Him. “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Heb 12:2)

Shining the Light of Jesus on Articles From the Dark Side - When you expose the lies of Satan, all hell breaks loose among the wicked as evidenced by this collection ofarticles.

Santorum Nails the True Nature of Islamic Fascism - One day after we publicly burned the lies contained in the Koran, the homosexual flag, and seven abominable Supreme Court decisions in Jackson, Mississippi, Senator Rick Santorum gave this speech. It is remarkable, and perhaps the most powerful speech given by anyone in the United States Senate in the past fifty years.

Sunsara Taylor uses Truth Dig to reveal even more about OSA/OR. Talk to Action also has some tolerable insights into this organization.

Scary and yet there are plenty of people in my locale that likely feel the same as these radicals. I recall perhaps twenty years ago being confronted with a couple of kids, perhaps about ten years old each, passing out anti-choice literature here in my little village in a shopping area. When I politely told them I didn't want their material as I believed in a woman's right to choose an abortion they looked at me like I was Satan. I started to seek out their parents or church leaders and ask them why in the hell they were sending kids to do this sort of stuff but I figured it wise to avoid trouble.

At least their boy Rick Santorum, the finest man of the 13th Century, is doomed in his race. Peace … or War!