Sunday, July 30, 2006

LaHaye, Inc. - End Times & Concerned Women

As part of their coverage of the Mideast Crisis, Newsweek's Brian Braiker interviews Tim LaHaye of "Left Behind" infamy. Dr. LaHaye is pictured with his lovely wife Beverly of similarly scorned Concerned Women for America.

OK, maybe major news sourcs and media outlets and the party in control and zillions of American that have bought his books and ... don't feel the same as your humble blogger and few others such as Michael Standaert. His initial post at HuffPo was a gem and yet the more recent offers up even more on the radicalism of these two pillars of the Christianist community.

To my Amazon list I'm adding Michael Standaert's "Skipping Towards Armageddon : The Politics and Propaganda of the Left Behind Novels and the LaHaye Empire". I know my local library has I think every LaHaye book prominently displayed, possibly multiple copies and even ones on tape, so perhaps they need a copy as well? I'm sure my lovely sisters and their broods would love me making that donation. Peace ... or War!