Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Far North Mega-Church Pastor Loses Flock

I ran across this Laurie Goodstein NYT piece but to avoid paying the Gray Lady to read turned to AOL. Her "Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for Pastor" reports on Dr. Gregory Boyd's struggles with Conservatives in his 5000 member church in St. Paul Minnesota. He actually only lost part of his flock yet if he were leading the average Southern Baptist congregation down here in Dixie I expect they'd have shown him the door long ago. I think this reporting reveals much about our "culture war", even if this one is being fought inside a church. I also note the church is multi-racial.

I recognized Dr. Boyd's name and in fact his "Letters From a Skeptic" was on my shelves. A/My sister(s) gave it to me, in her/their perpetual battle to save the little brother's soul. I admittedly have only glanced at the book but liked a good portion of what he writes. As I've long told them if I could find a more liberal form of Christianity, ideally Universalist oriented, in my locale I'd at least every so often darken the door. I've tried to attend some local churches but the literalism and resulting fundamentalism and hyper-evangelicalism seem to always hinder my staying around. I might actually wind cracking Dr. Boyd's book due to this article. "The Lord works in mysterious ways." comes to mind. Peace ... or War!