Tuesday, August 15, 2006

George Allen - All Hat and No Cattle Version 2.0?

Jesus General gives us the image and link to Jeffery Feldman's Frameshop that reveals the apparent racism of this new version of Dubyah. Crooks and Liars has the video of Senator Allen playing to the base. Betcha he didn't tell them "My mama is French."

I've posted on Virginia's George Allen previously. Ryan Lizzi's "George Allen's Race Problem" is looking rather prophetic.

I liked SusanG's Kos post "Keep Talking, George Felix Allen Junior! Please." This guy and Dubyah might make good fishing buddies for each other. They can talk sports at least. Dumber than buckets of spit! Bu$hCo cuts brush and Junior saddles up. Silver spoon born and raised yet they've provided ammunition for the anti-evolution loonies with how they've regressed. C&L has a large but timely video file up showing some classic "Bu$hisms" and commentary. When you need both Joe Scarborough and John Fund having to work this hard to provide cover to Dubyah then you see how far this White House has fallen.

The WaPo's Michael D. Shear and Tim Craig reporting entitled "Allen on Damage Control After Remarks to Webb Aide" is the most recent I can locate. What a wanker! Peace ... or War!