Thursday, March 16, 2006

GA's Bob Barr Lectures on Decency

Bab Barr has dropped yet another of his cultural war bombs in the AJC. His "Grappling for decency in a cultural pit" blasted Hollywood, academia, museums ... and then closes with "Yes, in today's Bizarro world, in which pimping is the stuff of Oscar-winning tunes and lesbianism the subject of university courses, I suppose ogling dissected cadavers is cool." While I strongly applaud Barr's stand against the Patriot Act renewal and the warrantless wiretapping of the Bu$hCo cabal via NSA and Lord knows what other agencies, Bob Barr is perhaps in no possition to lecture anybody on decency.

While I have no idea if he was actually licking whipped cream off strippers at a party celebrating his U.S. Congress election success or if he did not pay his child support or ... yet surely "The Two Faces of Bob Barr" might give us some reality about the Former Congressman and U.S. Attorney. Slate reports that Barr claims he did the licking to raise money for a worthy cause yet still paints Barr as the uber Conservative ... and a bit mean. The bottom line is that massive multi-nationals and the modern ReThuglican Party is a far larger menace to our society than marketed stereotypes, critical thinking, and exposure to science. If even half of the allegations about you are true then you are in no position to throw stones.

Stick to privacy issues, as you can make a difference here, and we'll be fine! Peace ... or War!