Saturday, March 11, 2006

No Condoms for former Bu$hCo Abstinence Only Advocate Claude Alexander Allen II

I posted over on Captain Plaid about former top Bu$h Domestic Policy Advisor Claude A. Allen being collared by The Man for his alleged small time refund/theft charges around DC. Rather tied to James Dobson and other "Christian" right wing nuts, I expect Mr. Allen might be rethinking his strong advocacy against condoms if in fact he were to wind up in prison. He wanted to deny abortion funding for rape victim when he was working in Virginia's Health and Human Services and he's seemingly a homophobe so the idea of him being somebody bitch in the big house is indeed a touch of irony. Felony charges that should not result in jail time even if he's guilty as the devil, Captain Jimi still salutes this "tool" of the righteous and radical right. 8th commandment Claude! Peace ... or War!