Monday, March 20, 2006

So I'm a Crazy Extremist Person?

DarkSyde at Kos gives us something to add a post from yesterday regarding SCIENCE and other reality-based views. DarkSyde writes,
Daily Kos and other progressive venues have been attacked by right-wing ideologues who describe us as 'crazy or 'extremist'. Yet, the progressive base believes the rule of law applies to everyone, that science trumps wishful thinking, that our Constitution matters, and that the War in Iraq was based on lies and has been run by incompetent civilian leaders at the highest level.
Indeed Bu$hCo and many conservatives come across as plain whacked when it comes down to why they believe as they do. One view of "liberalism" that I've always liked is that we hold our views tenuously in that we are open to new approaches based on new evidence and conditions. Conservatives often stick to their views as that is essentially what conservatism is about, namely holding tight in the face of change. Peace ... or War!